• The Cakery introduces vegan and gluten-free mooncakes; 1 MICHELIN-starred Duddell’s introduces lava cream custard mooncakes by Executive Chef Li Man-Lung

    The Cakery – New Mooncake Collection for Mid Autumn Festival

    To celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn festivities on 1st October, The Cakery introduces its newest range of vegan, gluten-free and food coloring-free mooncakes. Presenting a modern twist on tradition, The Cakery’s special mooncakes are packed with premium superfood ingredients and promise a mouthwatering festive affair.

    The Cakery has perfected vegan and gluten-free mooncake recipes that are conscious of health, yet no less indulgent. Traditional Chinese mooncakes are typically considered unhealthy for their high calorie, sugar, and fat content. The Cakery aims to remediate this by introducing delicious and nutritious mooncakes that suit all kinds of diets and lifestyles – delivering the quintessential Mid-Autumn food tradition without the guilt.


    Signature & Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Boxes by MO-DESIGN

    This year, Duddell’s collaborates with the innovative artists at the Macao-based MO-DESIGN to create this year’s mooncake gift boxes. With over 200 international design awards and professional honours spanning New York, Chicago, France, Tokyo, Seoul, China, Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions, MO-DESIGN is a certified leader in the space of branding and innovation projects.

    Duddell’s launches two new gift boxes to celebrate the centuries-old harvest festival, now associated with lanterns and eating delicious mooncakes: Signature Gift Box (6 pcs) and Limited Edition Gift Box (8 pcs).

    The Signature Gift Box (6 pcs) features a bold red lantern design, complete with a traditional hanging red tassel.

    The second mooncake gift box option, the Limited Edition Gift Box (8 pcs) is priced at a set HK$588 per box without early-bird or discount options. Designed like a handcrafted red lantern, the special gift box features eye-catching LED lights that add a unique and surprising touch for friends and loved ones.

    Advance mooncake orders are now available via Whatsapp at +852 9131 2927 or online via JIA Everywhere at jiacatering.com/mooncake-order-page.