Whether you add a hint to your meal or sprinkle it liberally for more flavour, still family owned TABASCO® Sauce continually stands as everyone’s favourite hot sauce. This year, the brand will celebrate its 150th birthday. After 150 years of the same recipe, production process and ingredients, TABASCO® Sauce remains as good and as spicy as ever.

    This April, Jinjuu’s Owner and Chef Patron, Judy Joo, will return to Hong Kong to to celebrate the 150th birthday of TABASCO® Sauce. A household name in the culinary industry, Chef Judy is known for being a regular face on the Food Network/Cooking Channel and for being the only female Iron Chef UK. From 25 April till 7 May, stop by Jinjuu for a taste of four new dishes and two new cocktails that possess the craved-after TABASCO® Sauce kick.