• Hong Kong’s first contemporary tea cocktail bar, Tell Camellia has officially soft opened its doors in the heart of Central

    Led by industry veterans and co-founders Sandeep Hathiramani and Gagan Gurung, Tell Camellia introduces a unique cocktail drinking experience based on exotic teas sourced from around the world. 

    The name is inspired by Camellia Sinensis, a species of evergreen shrub native to East Asia whose leaves are used to produce tea. At Tell Camellia, guests are invited to travel through the cocktail menu’s various regions and fully immerse themselves in the world’s most exciting tea cultures.

    Each story-rich Teatail is named after the origin of tea blend used, boasting highly unconventional ingredients that share the unique food culture and tea-drinking traditions of the region. For example, Australia is inspired by the continent’s rich horticulture industry, along with its famous wildlife and chocolate biscuits. The cocktail is made with the lush and earthy Yalangi Rain Tea, a tea cultivated in the far northern wilderness regions of Queensland where rainfall reaches 400 centimeters per year. The fizzy, citrusy and aromatic Turkey is inspired by the historic and local ingredients enjoyed across the region. The Rize Tea-based cocktail also contains the Turkish national drink of Raki, or Lion’s Milk, created with re-distilled grapes and aniseed. 

     All Teatails and T&Tonic cocktails are priced at HK$95 each, with an additional 10% service charge. Other beverages such as wines by the glass and bottle, beers and classic cocktails will also be served at Tell Camellia.