Quench your thirst this summer with new cocktail programs by Tastings Group, COA and Frank’s Library at Foxglove.

    With renowned bars such as Quinary, VEA Lounge, The Envoy, Ori-gin and Angel’s Share under its wing, Tastings Group has announced a group-wide launch of refreshing seasonal cocktails to quench that summer thirst. The team at Tastings Group is all about spirit-free cocktails as each mix contains delicious flavors without the day-after regret. New summer cocktails are here and we have some delicious options to share with you. We encourage you to sample Angel’s Share’s Summer Highballs, Quinary’s Finding Neverland Cocktails, The Envoy’s Mythical Cocktails, Ori-Gin’s Pantoned – Tone on Tone and VEA Lounge’s Classics Reimagined.

    Since its launch in NoHo this past December, COA has enticed the public with innovative artisanal cocktails and a pioneering knowledge of agave spirits. Perfect at combating the heat, new alcoholic fermented cocktail options now include the naturally carbonated Seasonal Fruit Ferment, the Bloom & Blossom and Down to Earth. New signature cocktails such as CoCo and Bergamot Daisy will have you back for more.

    Ming Fat House has announced the launch of its fourth speakeasy, ‘Frank’s Library’. Welcoming guests into his private library den, Frank Minza will treat guests to his personal collection of 8 different whiskies and cognacs. He will also whip up extravagant cocktails that are inspired by his globe trotting adventures. With a menu that changes seasonally, the sweltering summer months will give way to mixes such as America’s Manhattan, Silk Road Sour, Parisian Can-can and Sultan’s Spice Bazaarr.