• Penicillin is awarded Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award 2021 by Asia’s 50 Best Bars

    Closed-loop bar PENICILLIN, the city’s leading sustainable bar by bar legends Agung Prabowo and Roman Ghale (previously The Old Man, No.1 Asia’s Best Bars 2019), has won the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award for 2021 by Asia’s 50 Best Bars.

    Inspired by the farm-to-bar movement taking the culinary world by storm, PENICILLIN is Hong Kong’s first sustainable bar that champions a closed-loop model of production that opened back in November 2020. With a focus on either locally sourced or up-cycled food and drink ingredients, PENICILLIN’s bar menu finds innovation in the true flavours of Hong Kong while constantly looking for ways to minimize carbon footprint.

    “We are constantly striving to innovate the ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint and reach zero waste in our daily operations. It’s challenging, it takes patience, and it definitely takes a TEAM to do the job! From all of us at Penicillin, we thank 50 Best Bars for recognising our efforts in this.” from the PENICILLIN team.


    One Penicillin, One Tree: Drink a Cocktail, Plant a Tree!


    True to its mission for sustainability, PENICILLIN has launched a highly special cocktail entitled One Penicillin, One Tree (HK$110), described as a “climate-positive cocktail that would make Sir David Attenborough proud”. With every cocktail sold, one native Mallotus Muticus tree is planted in the endangered Kalimantan rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia. The fast-growing upper canopy tree can reach up to 42 meters in height and can live for more than 200 years. Over its lifespan in the rainforest, one Mallotus Muticus will eliminate an astounding 4,400 kg of CO2, equivalent to 8,000 single-use glass spirit bottles.

    PENICILLIN’s reforestation work through the One Penicillin, One Tree cocktail initiative is launched in partnership with ecoSPIRITS and Green Steps Group, which provides verified proof of planting technology to ensure reforestation is sustainable and long-lasting. ecoSPIRITS (eS) is the world’s first closed-loop spirits technology that strives to eliminate single-use glass bottles and dramatically reduce carbon impact. Guests will be pleased to know that each PENICILLIN cocktail accompanied by the “eS” logo saves an average of 150g in CO2 emissions.