Hong Kong’s first restaurant driven by produce from the British Isles,

    Steak on Elgin is the new premium steakhouse that has opened in the heart of Soho. A menu focused on quality ingredients coupled with Head Chef Clayton Ma’s strong ethos of sustainability makes this steakhouse a unique new contender on the scene.

    Steak on Elgin’s new menu reflects its dedication towards sourcing quality produce from the British Isles and beyond. The restaurant will serve guests a stunning feast crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Steak lovers will rejoice at the impressive 100% grass-fed UK-native beef selections that cover all cuts – from dry-aged filet mignon on the bone, rib eye and sirloin, to porterhouse and more.

    The restaurant stocks an impressive inventory of over 350 bottles of well-curated wines, and prides itself on its excellent wine service led by owner, Stephen Wickens. Steak on Elgin wholeheartedly believes that guests should be able to enjoy quality wines without the exorbitant mark-ups so commonly seen at restaurants in Hong Kong and offers delicious vintages with minimal price margins.