• La Rambla by Catalunya unveils a new and refined chef’s table experience by Ferran Tadeo

    La Rambla by Catalunya reveals a new dimension of modern Spanish fine dining with the unveiling of its first Chef’s Table degustation experience. Seating only a maximum of 6 guests at a time, the exclusive Chef’s Table showcases seasonal and off-menu dishes that demonstrate Executive Chef Ferran Tadeo’s impressive breadth of culinary skill and creativity. Guests will get up-close and personal with rare premium ingredients sourced from around the world, which are imaginatively prepared in Spanish-inspired dishes by Chef Ferran and served in a refined tasting menu style.

    The Chef’s Table menu features culinary gems such as the Josper-grilled mid-rare 3XL Carabinero bursting with roe; and 12 days dry-aged pigeon from Racan de Verry in France, known for its unique full-bodied flavour. In addition, off-menu creations include experimental dishes such as “Eel & Foie”, a smoked eel homemade ravioli with creamy Carbonara sauce and decadent pan-fried foie gras; and “Ajo Blanco”, a traditional chilled Spanish soup of almond and garlic, elevated with the addition of Hokkaido sea urchin and Ossetra caviar. 

    The ever-evolving menu is priced at HK$1,200+10% per head in a group of minimum 4 guests,with optional wine pairing for +HK$550. Guests also have the chance of upgrading their tasting menu experience further with the addition of premium Ozaki Beeffor HK$550 per 100g. The A5-grade beef, considered by many to be the best in the world, is taken from 30-36 months old pure-blooded wagyu cattle raised on a single farm owned and managed by Mr. Ozaki in Miyazaki prefecture.