Embracing the unique art of kaiseki, Kashiwaya Hong Kong is the brainchild of Grand Chef Hideaki Matsuo and is led on the ground by his protégé, Head Chef Atsushi Takahashi. On the evening of 16 August, Kashiwaya Hong Kong will debut a special collaboration menu with the world’s leading ethical caviar house, Kaviari.

    For the collaboration, Head Chef Atsushi Takahashi has worked closely with his teacher, Grand Chef Matsuo, to craft a special menu featuring Kaviari’s coveted product. Kaviari is known for being one of the first houses to adopt the eco-responsible farming approach as taught by the Iranian masters to preserve this endangered species of sturgeon. The unique collaboration will feature fresh handpicked Japanese ingredients that complement the unique character of the caviar. Priced at HK$2,500+10% per guest, this special 11-course menu showcases traditional kaiseki with a modern twist featuring old techniques, premium ingredients and innovative presentations. Menu will also be available to the public from 20th – 25th August.