Embracing the unique art of kaiseki, a culinary art form that places the highest emphasis on the seasonality of natural ingredients, Kashiwaya Hong Kong unveils a new spring menu led by Head Chef Atsushi Takahashi that pays homage to his mentor and Grand Chef, Hideaki Matsuo.

    In Japan, April is a month of beginnings during which the sakura (cherry blossoms) are in their fullest, most spectacular bloom. To celebrate this season, Kashiwaya Hong Kong has prepared a new menu bursting with the bright and exciting flavours of a Japanese spring. Bringing the most authentic Kashiwaya experience from Osaka to Hong Kong, Head Chef Atsushi Takahashi has worked closely with his teacher, chef Matsuo, to craft four thematic kaiseki menus for the month of April. With ingredients hand-picked for quality by Matsuo-san himself, the menus showcase old techniques and innovative presentations. Priced at 1) HK$680 for 7-courses, 2) HK$1,800 for 9-courses, 3) HK$2,800 for 10-courses, and 4) HK$4,000 for 11-courses, all menus share in common a sakizuke (appetiser) and mizumono, or a liquid-based palate cleanser, to conclude. Menus 2-4 also include a finale of homemade wagashi dessert, a sweet Japanese confectionary traditionally served with tea.