To the delight of local foodies, Impossible Foods is bringing its famous Impossible Burger to multiple cities in Asia. On 16 April at 6pm, we invite our F&B community in Hong Kong to a special preview event to to be the first to taste the Impossible Burger, a delicious and revolutionary meat product made entirely from plants, for people who love meat.

    About Impossible Foods
    Founded in 2011 by Dr. Pat Brown, Impossible Foods’ mission is to create a sustainable global food system that can feed our planet and growing population by making all meat, dairy, and fish directly from plants — without compromising on quality, taste, or experience. Impossible Foods’ first product, the Impossible Burger, has all the taste, sizzle, and protein of a conventional beef burger, but none of the cholesterol, hormones or antibiotics, or guilt. It will change the way you think about meat and food.