• Executive Chef Antonio Oviedo unveils a series of new seasonal dishes at 22 Ships

    Honouring the city’s constant hunt for authentic and honest Spanish flavours, JIA Group’s cosy neighbourhood tapas bar 22 Ships is thrilled to announce its resumption of dinner service on Tuesdays – Sundays from 5pm – 11pm. In celebration of the re-opening, Executive Chef Antonio Oviedo has unveiled a series of new dishes inspired by the season’s finest produce and Spanish autumnal food traditions.

    The new Grilled Octopus Mojo (HK$168) is a dish inspired by Chef Antonio’s time living in the Canary Islands, composed of charcoal-grilled Atlantic octopus from Galicia, homemade mojo verde, mojo picon, and Agria potato foam.


    Grilled Figs, Smoked Sardines and Requeson Salad (HK$198) is a refreshing and umami-rich salad made by smoking the sardines and queso fresco with hay in the Josper oven, resulting in a smoky-rich flavour.


    Chef Antonio’s version of the classic summer salad from Malaga, Malaga Salad (HK$158) infuses yellow nectarines instead of oranges, house-salted cod, green olives, spring onion, and the delightfully fruity Nectarine Vinegar.


    The new Manchego Lamb (HK$488) features free-range lamb from La Mancha, fed with the same milk that creates Manchego Cheese. The lamb is marinated in rosemary, thyme, and other herbs that are part of its natural diet, and slow-cooked for 24-hours before being roasted traditionally with a rosemary flower honey glaze. The dish is garnished with patatas “a lo pobre” with green peppers and onion, a recipe inspired by Chef Antonio’s mother.


    Black Octopus Paella (HK$358) is an elevated rendition of the traditional Arroz Negro, one of Chef Antonio’s all-time favourite dishes. The 22 Ships version uses the ink and heads of the octopus to create the black paella stock, and the whole octopus is grilled and smoked in a charcoal oven to give the rice its characteristic smoky flavour. The paella is garnished with delicious and classic Catalan sauces, Romesco and ali oli (olive oil and garlic).


    For dessert, enjoy the zesty new Cava Lemon Sorbet (HK$80), a sweet and nostalgic smemory from Chef Antonio’s childhood. At 22 Ships, the sorbet is served with burnt meringue, frozen raspberry, and flowers as garnish. The chef recommends this dessert – commonly enjoyed among young kids in Spain – as a refreshing palate cleanser after 22 Ships’ signature Suckling Pig.