Let’s be honest here, we all love a slice (or whole pie) of freshly baked pizza topped with melting strands of mozzarella, umami-loaded tomato sauce and inventive combinations of ingredients. For the first time in Hong Kong and Macau, a grand and delectable celebration for National Pizza Day will take place from 9 to 16 February with pizzerias and restaurants each creating a special limited edition pizza for a good cause. We are happy to share that between 10-20% (depending on restaurants’ preference) of proceeds from all off-menu pizza sales will be donated to the “Cook for Syria” campaign in support of Syrian Children Fund to support children in need.

    Participating pizzerias and restaurants include Alvy’s, Amalfitana, Casa Don Alfonso (Macau), Ciak In The Kitchen, Ciao Chow, EAT It, Jamie’s Italian, Mercato by Jean Georges, Mistral, Mother Of Pizzas, Operetta, Piccolo Pizzeria & BarThe Coffee Academics, The Point and 208 Duecento Otto so grab your slice and feast for a good cause!