• Duddell’s Hong Kong appoints renowned mixologist Mario Calderone as new salon manager

    This September, Duddell’s is proud to announce the appointment of new Salon Manager, Mario Calderone, who draws on over a decade of experience supervising acclaimed bars around the world.


    Introducing A New Cocktail List by Mario Calderone

    The new cocktail menu is based on bygone principles of quality, seasonality, and ingenuity. Designed to cater to all whims and fancies, Mario Calderone’s cocktails are sure to brighten up the end of a long day, or to serve as a perfect complement to Duddell’s Michelin-starred dim sum.


    Delightful new libations on the cocktail menu includes the Champagne Cobbler (HK$160), a twist on a modern classic from bartender legend Dale De Groff. The drink infuses Veuve Clicquot champagne stirred with fresh orange, lemon and pineapple, and a drop of maraschino liqueur. Mario’s own signature drink for the venue, Duddell’s Sour (HK$140) is a frothy, thirst-quenching blend of Ketel One citron vodka, Aperol bitter, fresh passion fruit, citrus juice, and egg white. For a nutty and refreshingly bubbly cocktail, opt for the Kaffir Collins (HK$140) made with Maraschino liqueur, fresh lemon juice, and Kaffir lime.


    The Pineapple Julep (HK$140) is a fun twist on an old classic, using fresh mint and pineapple charged with Bulleit bourbon whisky, Agave nectar, peach liqueur and angostura bitters. Hemingway Crusta (HK$140) re-imagines the classic Hemingway daiquiri, introducing a tropical blend of Matusalem Platino rum, maraschino liqueur, house citrus mix and grapefruit sugar. The ultimate cocktail to sip in Hong Kong’s hot and humid weather, Berry Smash (HK$150) combines fresh mint, lemon, mixed berries puree, crushed ice, and Duddells own secret vermouth blend.


    Other new cocktails to look forward to include Duddell’s House Punch (HK$160) with Zacapa 23, Oleo saccharum, chrysanthemum tea and homemade falernum syrup, Oolong Blazer (HK$140) with oolong tea and plum bitters, a twist on the original recipe from the 1862 Jerry Thomas bartender guide, served hot and blazed with fire for added theatrical effect.Pearfectioned (HK$140) with pear-infused Hennessy VSOP and Capovilla pear distillate served with a side of caramelized pear fan, Corpse Reviver #2 (HK$140) that draws on an old classic from the late 1800’s, combining Beefeater 24 gin, lillet blanc, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and absinthe, Clover Club (HK$140) with Tanqueray gin and homemade raspberry syrup, and Chatam Hotel Special (HK$150), a rich and indulgent combination of Hennessy VSOP cognac, Ruby port, and crème de cacao dark.


    Duddell’s has also unveiled an extensive range of new non-alcoholic beverages to be served at the salon. Basilicious (HK$90) boasts refreshing umami notes, featuring cucumber, basil, homemade salted honey, fresh lemon juice, and soda water. The perfect thirst-quencher for warmer days, Iced Tea (HK$70) is elevated with chrysanthemum and Pu’erh tea served ice-cold with a touch of maple syrup. Other non-alcoholic choices for the health-conscious include fresh and slow-pressed juices such as Vitamin Boost (HK$90) with orange, carrot, ginger, and apples, and Detox (HK$90) with kale, cucumber, lime, mint, celery, and clementine.