Jay Khan, the multiple award-winning bar veteran who rose to prominence after being in the industry for over a decade, is taking his craft to new heights. Channeling his love for Mexico’s vibrant drinking culture and his passion for its native agave spirits, Jay has now brought COA to life in the beating heart of NoHo. Hong Kong’s very first Oaxacan inspired artisanal cocktail bar, COA will make a home on Shin Hing Street, Central. Named after the age-old machete-like tool used for harvesting agave, COA represents a rustic, down to earth, and authentic lifestyle.

    Stocking a truly impressive inventory of agave spirits never before offered in Hong Kong, COA prides itself on being the only venue outside of Mexico where guests can savor rare craft spirits. Each drink at COA carries a unique and tantalizing flair that is unlike any other in Hong Kong. Taking inspiration from his travels to Mexico, Jay has transformed traditional cocktails into his own daring creations. Featured on the creative cocktail menu are eight artisanal masterpieces, each more delicious than the last – the Tepache, Caffeinated Negroni and Mezcal Paloma to name a few.

    With a strong focus on the interactions shared between the staff and guests, COA boasts a cozy, open and intimate space with reclaimed industrial accents. The humble Oaxaca-inspired setting favors wood, brick and concrete elements, and is dimly lit by candles that cast a soft glow over beautifully hand-drawn wall murals of goddesses and mythical creatures and a real coa hand carried from Oaxaca, embedded into the wall of the bar serving as a symbol of craftsmanship.