• A Coffee Experience Unlike Any Other In The City

    The Coffee Academics has pioneered an unparalleled coffee experience on Peel Street, the Roastery Lab. Uniting the art of coffee making with the science behind the perfect brew, Roastery Lab is Hong Kong’s first micro-roastery that will take guests into the behind-the-scenes process of coffee preparation. An establishment that takes pride in its quality brews and specialty coffee, Roastery Lab will indulge guests with the sensory ritual of enjoying coffee. Boasting a menu that follows the principle of less is more, Roastery Lab offers only three options of black, white or filtered coffee. The food menu is just as minimalistic with a small curated selection of freshly baked goods. At Roastery Lab, the team invites you to enjoy an exceptional cup of coffee while using all of your senses to learn more about the craft.