• 2-Michelin-Starred TATE Dining Room unveils the latest 6-course vegetarian lunch menu “ Ode to Earth”

    An Ode to Earth features six courses of elevated interpretations of both rare and everyday vegetables, bridging familiar Cantonese flavors with refined French techniques. Each chapter of the menu represents different aspects of nature’s life cycle, from Seeds, Leaves, Bulbs and Stems, to Fruits, Roots, and Flowers.


    The menu begins with Seeds, a selection of delicate amuse-bouche: homemade sour dough with chickpea puree and ginger scallion oil, green peas and sticky rice tartlet, taro croquette with black truffle paste and mustard seed, century egg mimosa, and a warm 10-vegetable broth soup. The first chapter, Leaves, features Chinese spring cabbage that has been fermented with rice porridge over 24 hours, smoked, then grilled. This is served with oyster leaf, and an umami-rich pairing of pickled dried, and deep-fried maitake mushroom and brown butter and salted kumquat sauce.


    The second chapter, Bulbs, is a tranquil 9-years-old sweet and crunchy lily bulb, enjoyed raw with bamboo pith, Japanese turnip, and mushroom onion broth. Chapter three, Stems, opens with harmonious white and green asparagus with bamboo shoot chartreuse, fermented tofu cheese sauce, and a tangy hint of Szechuan ma la spice.


    Chapter four, Fruits, is a celebration of the vibrant spring tomato, served as a confit with crispy tofu sheets, aubergine caviar, and pepper sabayon. Chapter five is all about Roots, featuring a hearty braised Hedgehog Mushroom with Roasted Potato and Mushroom Peanut Sauce. The final chapter is all about Flowers, with a special dessert creation by Chef Vicky Lau and Pastry Chef, Chef Nocar Lo featuring a Zucchini Flower with Snow Chrysanthemum Diplomat Cream, Guava Sorbet Local Honey. Symbolizing how life goes full circle, the final chapter and dessert course, Seeds consists of coffee pudding with matcha mousse, homemade chocolate raspberry Bon Bon, and chocolate croquette.


    Lunch at TATE Dining Room is available only on Fridays and Saturdays from 12pm-2:30pm. Priced at HK$1,180+10% per guest, the six-course lunch menu will feature refined innovative French Chinese interpretations of vegetables and five premium tea pairings. Depending on the seasonality and availability of ingredients, every one to two months, Chef-patron Vicky Lau will choose a different lunch menu focus.